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Unlike many other types of ‘design’, Documentation design is judged a bit differently. Your design and writing must result in people spending as little time using documentation as possible (vs the likes of Facebook, where you are destined to…

Stop producing noise.

Writing for the sake of writing and hoping that one of the 10,000 articles you write catches on is not the answer.

Instead you must be smarter in your approach. You must work smarter, NOT harder.

You must THINK SIMPLY — there’s no time for complication.

Contribute quality over quantity.

Produce fewer articles, but produce more impactful ones.

More informative.

More concise.

More actionable.

Less time wasteful.

Less bullshit.

Contribute to society instead of robbing society of its time — for personal gain.

Be a good human being.

Improve the world.

This post briefly touches on a number of items from my checklist that I use in my projects. These methods will help you convert more visitors into users and customers, gain more positive brand experiences, and help you rank better in search engines.

In most cases all of these techniques…

Yuriy Sklyar

Ukrainian-born polymath, designer, maker, author, advisor, mentor and businessman currently residing in San Francisco Bay, California.

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