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Unlike many other types of ‘design’, Documentation design is judged a bit differently. Your design and writing must result in people spending as little time using documentation as possible (vs the likes of Facebook, where you are destined to waste time by design). In general, if there’s too much to say, it’s too complex to easily be understood.

Migo Money — API Documentation design in consideration by Yuriy Sklyar @ Threefifty

The recipe for a successful documentation website

Main navigation

  • Always available (sticky).
  • Short names/links, preferably single word.
  • Shouldn’t take away from vertical screen real estate (shouldn’t be positioned at the top).

Secondary navigation

  • Always available (sticky).
  • Uses ScrollSpy to let the user…

To read more about my routine and schedule change, read this.

Here’s a re-write of my partial to-do list for the month of September and October:

Z Scale World (“complete”)

My 7-year-old son and I have many hobbies in common (duh!) and so Z Scale is our first joint venture together.

It’s a spinoff collection of items in 1/220 scale from our main family scale modeling venture, Precise Modeling.

Here, I’m teaching him how to create a business from scratch, while connecting all the knowledge to something that he truly loves, which will only solidify things quicker.

From naming, to SEO and content…

You are a parent.

This is your child.

You look at their report.

All you can think about is “0 Positive” at this point…

Two things immediately jump to mind:

#1: “0 positive” of “what”, exactly?

#2: Dang, Danny isn’t doing too good?

Let us explore this micro experience further…

That’s Danil in the middle, great.

There’s a close button, fantastic — first thing people see scanning from left to right…

And some type of “This Week” link that appears to be a dropdown of some sort.

I’m browsing Instagram and come across the above ad where you can apparently take your cartoony-looking Tinkercad design and make it look real (without making it physical) — so render in 3D essentially.

This sparks my attention and I dive deeper to try it out on one of my own Tinkercad designs.

I click, and land on:

I don’t talk much; I ‘listen’, and I ‘do’. For -that- is what actually matters.

Road tripping between US and Canada

I used to love flying.

I’d always get the window seat and stay up majority of the flight looking out of the window.

I’d always travel light with just only a carry-on to avoid any type of interaction with luggage, check-ins, etc, which would allow me to arrive tothe airport 1 hour prior to most flights. Even during peak times, I’d have enough time for a pre-flight Heineken at the nearest-to-my-gate pub.

But somewhere between the second and third child, opinion on flying took a 180 degree turn.

Luckily, I’ve always enjoyed driving just as much. So instead of constantly…

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”

George Bernard Shaw, an Irish playwright and a co-founder of the London School of Economics.

“Miracle morning” by Yuriy Sklyar

If you ever said ”there are not enough hours in a day”, then this is for you.

I will gift extra 2-4 hours, full of energy to your day. Every day.

You can thank me later.

I will not teach you to work absurd hours into the night.

That’s how you end up hating yourself, your life, and everyone in it. …

Stop producing noise.

Writing for the sake of writing and hoping that one of the 10,000 articles you write catches on is not the answer.

Instead you must be smarter in your approach. You must work smarter, NOT harder.

You must THINK SIMPLY — there’s no time for complication.

Contribute quality over quantity.

Produce fewer articles, but produce more impactful ones.

More informative.

More concise.

More actionable.

Less time wasteful.

Less bullshit.

Contribute to society instead of robbing society of its time — for personal gain.

Be a good human being.

Improve the world.

Over my fairly short (just shy of 35) stay on this planet I was fortunate enough to experience quite a bit.

Toronto — one of the cities I grew up in.

Out of school, I submerged myself in the world of business quickly.

This allowed me to learn by doing, not by reading.

I’ve experienced many highs and many lows.

I’ve tried pretty much everything: working for people, working with people, founding, co-founding — you name it, chances are I’ve done it.

This also allowed me to sustain my living virtually anywhere in the world in my early twenties, so I got a chance to travel and live abroad, experiencing…

This post briefly touches on a number of items from my checklist that I use in my projects. These methods will help you convert more visitors into users and customers, gain more positive brand experiences, and help you rank better in search engines.

In most cases all of these techniques have been proven to have a positive effect, however I advise you to always test in order to determine whether the change has the same positive effect on your product/business as it varies.

Use this as your pre-launch checklist and contribute to it in the comments at the end of…

Yuriy Sklyar

Ukrainian-born polymath, designer, maker, author, advisor, mentor and businessman currently residing in San Francisco Bay, California.

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